London, 18 January 2019: Crescendo Finance completes its first cross-border transaction of the year with the sale of WannaSpeak French to the English company Iovox

The French start-up WannaSpeak, specialized in online customer relationship management and measurement, will be able to deploy its technologies on an international scale with a simple "be called back" button placed on the Orange, Bouygues Telecom or Humanis sites, it had succeeded in making a digital service more humane. Since then, the French start-up WannaSpeak has come a long way and developed new solutions based on the relationship between voice and the Internet. Until it was bought by Iovox, a London-based nugget founded in 2007 that had raised a total of nearly €10 million.

"We have always developed with our own funds to maintain our independence," says Thibaut Behaghel, co-founder and CEO of WannaSpeak. But the market is consolidating, and we will have to invest. Despite our profitability, we had to rely on another player to become a European leader."  Marchex (listed on the Nasdaq), one of the world's leading providers of voice call tracking and analysis, acquired Callcap and Telmetrics last November, for example, and signals the beginning of an era where only larger companies will survive.

Not yet interested in the North American market, WannaSpeak and Iovox are focusing on Europe and the Asia-Pacific region and are counting on the new entity to deploy their new services more quickly. Because beyond the "call-back", the young company and the British company offer more complete solutions to their customers; especially on mobile phones. Both can now track incoming and outgoing calls worldwide, analyze calls and integrate all data collected into marketing and CRM platforms. If the amount of the transaction is not disclosed, Iovox has carried out a capital increase through its main shareholder, Octopus Ventures, to complete the acquisition of WannaSpeak. And keeps a reserve pocket for other possible future acquisitions.

The new entity will have 40 employees spread between London and Paris, in particular to ensure the follow-up and prospecting of French customers. Present in several sectors of activity such as luxury and catering, WannaSpeak has a solid base on the national territory. Iovox will thus be able to expand its customer portfolio with entities such as Direct Energie, BNP Paribas and Audi.

Source : Les Echos - January 15, 2019