Paris, January 2018 : Crescendo Finance leads the sale of ProSmart Solutions to Blue Soft Group

Founded in 2013 in Meudon by Bogdan Degeratu, ProSmart Solutions is an IT services company with 45 employees in full growth, generating €4.3m in revenue and 16% in Ebitda. The company has a production division that brings together more than 60% of its consultants around application support, middleware & DBA and system & virtualization and a development division: .NET, Java, Mobile & Web, able to handle structuring projects on behalf of its customers.

Eager to reach new markets requiring a larger size, ProSmart Solutions has entrusted Crescendo Finance with an advisory mandate to assist it in its matching strategy. The latter ultimately turned to the Blue Soft group; whose ambitious development project has attracted the company's shareholders. Blue Soft is an IT services company with 500 employees listed with the main clients of bancassurance. Blue Soft has offices in Ile-de-France, Toulouse, Lyon, Lyon, Geneva and Lausanne. Led by Thierry Boccara and Ludovic Hayat, the group deploys its expertise (levels 3 and 4) around three themes: Data, Digital and Risk management, for a diverse clientele.

Bogdan Degeratu: "My association with the Blue Soft group responds to a major challenge for the digital services sector at the moment. To have the ability to build a large number of high-potential teams capable of quickly delivering the added value necessary for the digital transformation of our key account customers. A challenge that I am delighted to take up alongside Thierry and Ludovic, two experienced entrepreneurs".

Blue Soft executives: "With the acquisition of ProSmart Solutions, the family is growing. ProSmart Solutions is a company with superb performance, which fits perfectly with our group's dynamic DNA and enriches its range of offerings."